Carbon Vane
NAME: Carbon Vane

    Carbon Vane

    We are offering a complete range of Carbon Vanes, which is widely used in vane type vacuum pumps, wet running rotary pumps and compressors. Apart from this, these vanes are also used in fuel oils, petrol, rotary pumps handling water and various other liquids.

    These vanes comprise self lubricating properties, with low specific density, which doesn't give any effect in hot or cold liquids. As these vanes are self-lubricating, these are widely used handling liquids and pumps, where petrol and diesel are used as properties. For delivering uncontaminated air or gas through lubricating oil or grease, these vanes are used in dry compressors. Our range of vanes are manufactured using metal impregnated carbon graphite, resin-bounded graphite and carbon material.



    1. Wear duable and long service life

    2. Good self-lubrication and high mechanical strength

    3. Quality similar to EK60

    4. High cost-effective

    5. Various sizes machined as per customers needs.





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