Graphite Bearing
NAME: Graphite Bearing

                                                                            Graphite Bearing 

    The self-lubricating properties of carbon graphite and graphite materials, along with stability at elevated temperatures, and resistance to most chemicals, make these materials well suited to demanding applications. Graphite materials enable the design engineer to extend the temperature and chemical range, and with the proper adjuvant, permit the use under cryogenic conditions. Impregnation with resins and metals can be used to enhance the properties of carbon graphite.

    Most of the lucricant material will break up and catch fire under the high temperature, high pressurement and high speed working condition. So most equipment can not use normal lubricant material to improve the durability.

    Therefore, carbon and graphite bearings are used in mechanism equipments and these carbon and graphite parts can work at -200 to 200 in corrosive medium and they can normally revolve with high speed(like 100m/s) without lubricating oil.



    1.Good self-lubricant

    2.Good chemical corrision resistance

    3.High thermal conduction and thernal stability

    4.Sufficient mechanism intension and impact resistance

    5. Easy to be machined and it can be made into various geometrical shapes.





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